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APC Grant History

​The Acalanes Parent Club (APC) Grant Program is funded each year by contributions made by APC members. Thank you to all the parents for your generous donations to fund these grants.

Grant Program Fall 2017 / Spring 2018

Visual and Performing Arts
Grant brings an award-winning actor/composer/Violist to AHS for residency with Bella Voce to Choral Music.
She will provide a unique opportunity for students to gain insight from her works as a composer, immigrant, instrumentalist and actor. While in residency, students will be collaborating with a living composer. 

Computer Science
Four 3D printers will be purchased. Used for the computer science classes and competitions, and the 3D printing club. Students will be able to design parts and print parts as part of the curriculum.

Purchase equipment to be used in training/preparing for the California Forestry Challenge. This equipment will be used in future years for this program.

World Language
Digital subscription to puzzle/game maker website Students will focus on spelling and vocabulary using these games. 

Visual and Performing Arts
StinoVision workshop- This grant will provide 2 half day workshops for Advanced Video students to learn Adobe Creative Cloud Premier 2017. An industry expert will assist the students with their video editing/post –production projects.

Money spent to assist in refurbishing and installing an Acalanes 1960’s legacy sign. The sign will be installed on campus near an athletic venue.

Mindfulness concepts education and training for staff 

Associated Student Body
Laptops for ABS Office- This grant will provide 3 new laptops for the use by students in the ASB office, by Fall 2018. The computers will also allow Clubs and Classes to make purchases around campus instead of only using the Web store. 

Student Club - CO2 Club
Money spent to purchase books to educate students in the CO2 Club regarding global warming. They in turn will exchange ideas with other clubs at other High Schools, and intend to spread various solutions.
iGem Competition- Entrance fee for internationally recognized Science competition for Acalanes Science students working with STEM. Their findings and experience will be communicated to other Acalanes students in Fall 2018.

APC Spring 2017 Grants

Science Department
Renewable Energy Science Education kits for students in AP Environmental Science. These kits provide a hands-on experience for students to explore and experiment with renewable energy including wind turbines, solar panels, hydrogen fuel cells, and connections.

Poster printer to save time by making the posters produced by Leadership more efficient. These posters will improve publicity and school spirit. The printer will be used by experienced Leadership students to benefit the student body.

Green Initiative (Administration, Global Student Embassy, Environmental Club, Leadership)
Four commercial grade recycling and composting stations will be provided for around the school, in areas where students congregate.

APC Fall 2016 Grants

College and Career Center
Grant will promote application and college prep planning, career planning, life skills workshops, and a field trip to visit a nearby college campus.
Provides programs for students to get to know the college and career center before senior year by introducing informal lunches with Mrs. Jessop. She will highlight the resources available at the center and topics will include gap years, summer programs, community service and vocational skills.
Professional development for the college and career adviser

Conference tables for the Leadership room to be used for group work, collaboration and discussions. These conference tables will also be used by AHS clubs. 

Special Education 
Field trip for students in Life Skills classroom for a “transition” trip, visiting 2 professional companies. This will provide a unique and very hands-on way for students to picture themselves in the work force.

APC 2015-2016 Grants

Social Studies Department
Purchase acrylic boards for classroom, to make the classroom into an “active” classroom.

World Language Department
Create an interactive art gallery in the Library by purchasing poster size prints by Spanish and Latin American painters.

Live performance by Tezkatlipoka Aztec Dance & Drum to bring an exciting and authentic cultural experience to all Spanish students.

Hire a certified Zumba instructor to create a video of exciting Latin dances that can be taught in Spanish classes.

Math Department/Computer Science
Purchase triangular desks and chairs for geometry classroom.

Purchase of eight “makey-makey” circuit boards for computer science classroom

Special Education
Field trip for students in Life Skills classroom to the Chabot Space Center.