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Ohleyer, Tera

Tera Ohleyer
Acalanes Class of 2013
Academically unmotivated high school student, 
Santa Barbara City College, 
UC Santa Barbara Business Math Major

While at Acalanes, Tera had little motivation toward school and did not partake in extracurricular activities. She didn’t care about her grades and it showed. She had no vision for her future. Even when she thought she would like to go to school in Hawaii, she couldn’t muster the motivation to prepare for the SAT and, ultimately, chose not to take it. Instead, she would go to a junior college. 

Tera started at Santa Barbara City College, planning to major in psychology. This was when everything started to change for her. Although there were some tears adjusting to being in a new situation, she found that living away from her parents made her think more about what she wanted to do with her future. She took school more seriously and put more time in on it. For the first time, she began getting excellent grades and feeling really good about her abilities. Suddenly, she had a newfound love of school.

Another positive change was that Tera began running to be fit. Prompted by some weight gain, she learned she loved how running made her feel. Deciding to eat better, she wound up developing a healthy lifestyle that she loves.

Tera decided to finish her undergraduate career at UC Santa Barbara and found it simple to map out the course necessary to transfer. Having discovered she preferred math courses to psych courses, she was pleased to be accepted at UCSB where she is currently majoring in Financial Math and really enjoying the life she is making for herself.  

Her advice to Acalanes students? Consider attending a junior college and transferring to a four year school, even if you have the grades and test scores to go straight to a four year school.