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Shafi, Abraham

Abraham Shafi
Acalanes Class of 2005
Tech Entrepreneur
Abe Shafi wasn’t the highest academic achiever in high school, having become disenchanted. He often felt crunched for time to get schoolwork done, along with his extracurricular sports.

After graduation, he attended DVC, intending transfer to a California public college after completing his lower division work. This gave him the space to think about what really mattered to him and he enjoyed his coursework without the intense competition that had surrounded him during high school. He says of himself that “I found my freedom the moment I realized there was no rush and I was not in competition with my peers.” 

From DVC, Abe went on to UC Berkeley where he designed his own major (a hybrid between computer science and business). His undergraduate thesis became a real world business marketing recruitment software to other companies. The business grew quickly and Abe loved the hard work of running his own company, because it was perfectly suited to his unique talents. He is currently working on beginning another company. 

His advice to Acalanes students? “Become the master of what you love and you will get to define how you live.”