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Walters, Lindy

Lindy (Christofides) Walters
Acalanes Class of 2005
Morehead State, With Major in Equine Science, Masters in Equine Exercise Physiology, Veterinary Assistant, Large Animal Clinic

At Acalanes, Lindy got good grades in hands-on classes like art and woodshop but had no interest in many of her academic classes. She loved riding horses but didn’t think this could be part of her educational or career future. Once she realized she could study horses at college, things began to change. Lindy attended Morehead State in Kentucky where she majored in Equine Science (the study of horses). It was not easy being the blue-haired girl from California, but she found that having a sense of purpose in her coursework made all the difference in her enjoyment of her classes. An internship working in rehabilitating injured horses clarified her future career goals. This was what she wanted to do! After graduating Morehead, the girl who had “hated school” was off to Missouri State where she enthusiastically completed a master’s program in Equine Exercise Physiology!

Recently married, Lindy lives in Minnesota where she loves her work as a Veterinary Assistant at a large animal clinic, treating horses and cattle. She has two horses of her own and continues to ride regularly. She loves the life she has built. Her advice? “Explore all your options. Whatever you enjoy, see what you can do with it. There is a path for everyone.”