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Welehan, Caroline

Caroline Whelehan
Acalanes Class of 2014
Professional Actor
Working Professional Actress, 
Current Student Acting Conservatory
Caroline values her high school experience for the great friendships she formed. However, unlike her close friends, she was not motivated to excel academically. In fact, she knew she did not want to pursue academics after high school. Fortunately, she loved the performing arts, always taking two periods of choir and participating in musical theater. She knew this was where her future would lie. 

She considered attending Santa Monica JC and taking part in their theater productions. Then, her grandfather, visiting from New York, saw her perform in “Guys & Dolls.” He was so enthusiastic about her talent that he suggested Caroline come stay with him in New York and try to break into professional acting. Caroline was hesitant, having not spent much time with her grandfather over the years, but knew this would be was an opportunity she could not pass up.  

When her grandfather’s theater owner acquaintance told her “I could never cast you in a part,” referring to her inexperience, Caroline auditioned anyway. To her tremendous surprise, the theater owner gave her a part. Now, she was actually working with seasoned New York actors and getting paid to do so! Following that run and another paid part, in a San Francisco production, Caroline knew she was on the right track. Through these experiences and getting to know the performers she was working with, she began to realize that her career would be enhanced by formal theater training. 

A year after graduating for Acalanes, she applied and was accepted to an acting conservatory program in Santa Maria, California. There, she is immersed in coursework, rehearsals and performing. She says it is incredibly hard work but is also tremendously fulfilling. During her second year at the conservatory, the program will have the added focus on refining her acting resume, marketing herself as an actor, finding an agent and auditioning. Next stop? Back to New York! Her advice? Find what you love and find a way to do it!